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Safety & efficiency with OMV GAS Engineering services

OMV GAS Engineering is a technical department for mechanical & thermal process engineering. Since its founding at the end of the 1980s, OMV GAS Engineering has provided support to industrial companies and SMEs in the form of engineering services, with a focus on gas and its technical applications.

OMV GAS Engineering works with commercial and industrial clients across Austria, spanning every sector: raw materials manufacturing, producing and processing glass and metals, ceramics, breweries, dairies, food and drink manufacturers etc.

As a certified expert in line with EG-K (the Austrian Emission Protection Act for Boiler Installations), we conduct official emissions measurements that lead to key recommendations for saving energy. These recommendations coupled with an economic evaluation frequently form the basis for customer projects.

One crucial interface is the cooperation with technical bodies for issues relating to (natural) gas (ÖVGW, ASI, FGW, etc.). Here the priority is cooperation under the new norms and technical regulations including the latest legislation such as the new Energy Efficiency Act or the latest amendments to the Combustion Plants Regulation or the Emission Protection Act for Boiler Installations. Always familiar with the most current amended legislation related to all gas issues, we proactively assist our customers in questions of legal compliance.


  • Converting production lines from liquid gas to natural gas.
  • Project development, from design planning to permit approvals through to assisting with the award process (e.g. cogeneration units, expanding natural gas units or networks, pipeline calculations etc.).
  • Analyzing and optimizing load profiles for natural gas units or grids.
  • Bringing together metering points.

Energy efficiency and requirements under the Energy Efficiency Act

  • Energy efficiency projects (heat recovery, process optimization etc.) including compliance with the Energy Efficiency Act (training; developing and documenting energy efficiency measures; support with monitoring measures).

Legal compliance and authorities

  •  Official emissions measurements for natural gas plants.
  • Representation and support for meetings with the authorities.
  • Issuing expert opinions.
  • Measurement and confirmation for initial commissioning of plants and pipelines.
  • Assessing natural gas plants in terms of legal compliance.

Other experience

  • Biogas and biomethane projects including purification and grid feed.
  • (Technical) training for commerce and industry on all natural gas topics.
  • Support in issues relating to the public gas grid.

Service that meets your needs

We assist our customers with any technical questions or issues related to (natural) gas plants and pipelines based on their specific project. Our services focus on the areas listed below as these are of paramount importance in the day-to-day operations of any company using natural gas. These are naturally aligned to every customer’s specific needs.

In light of the latest technical and legislative developments, these are:

  • Legal compliance checks for natural gas plants or pipelines
  • Leak tests for gas pipelines
  • Measuring emissions and exhaust gas
  • (Technical) basic training in natural gas

Here you can download a detailed overview  (available only in German ) of the comprehensive services we offer our customers.

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Peter Seidinger 

OMV GAS Key Account Manager